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A Unique Approach to Optometry Care

We have a one-on-one approach to optometry care and our vision and eye care providers can offer you the services you need, without hassle or issues.


A Unique Approach to Optometry Care

We have a one-on-one approach to optometry care and our vision and eye care providers can offer you the services you need, without hassle or issues.

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Intimate Approach to Eye Care...

Welcome to Grand Eye Care in Richmond, Texas

At Grand Eye Care in Richmond, TX our optometrist can help with a variety of issues from eye emergencies, such as debris in the eye, to standard eye exams, to eyes that may have run into a few problems later in life, such as cataracts or glaucoma. Led by our Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Jennifer Bui, our spacious office offers an intimate approach to eye care that considers your history as well as your future plans, to help you choose the right eye care options for you.

We want everyone to get the care for their eyes that they deserve, and accept both vision insurance and financing options. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Grand Eye Care in Richmond, TX at (832) 224-2667.

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Getting a regular eye exam may seem standard, but there are so many reasons to stay on top of these important exams. In addition to noting any changes in your vision, we also monitor health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. We can pick up on the presence of glaucoma or cataracts, both of which bring drastic changes to your vision but can be treated if caught early. If you have less than perfect vision, we'll discuss your options and help you find the right solution for your lifestyle.

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Contact lens exams take a few extra steps, and are a little more involved than a standard comprehensive exam, but are an important option that we offer at Grand Eye Care. Contact lens options have expanded over the years and address eye sensitivities such as dry eye and corneal abnormalities better than ever before.

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Finding the perfect eyeglasses and sunglasses means choosing the right frames and lenses for you. At Grand Eye Care, we offer a generous selection of styles and will help you find something that looks great on you, based on your tastes as well as the shape of your face and your budget. With over 1,000 frames in stock, we have the perfect eyewear pairings for your eyestyle!



We look at your lifestyle along with your prescription to help you determine how to make your prescription eyeglasses the best fit for you. Once you have what you need out of the lenses, we can offer frames that will compliment your face shape and help you look your best.


3 Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Vision and Eyes

Did you know that people with diabetes are 20 times more likely to get eye diseases than those without it? There are three major eye conditions that diabetics are at...
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We ensure that each of our patients get full-service vision and eye care when they need it. We accept patients who are experiencing an eye emergency as well as regularly scheduled appointments. We have patients coming to see us from in and around the Richmond area, thanks to the hands-on, personalized services provided by our eye doctor and our entire eye care team.

In addition to ensuring patients are comfortable throughout their treatment process, we always keep them well-informed about the care they are receiving and what needs to be done to help them achieve superior levels of eye health. Our optometry team can answer any questions that you may have and we will go out of our way to ensure you are comfortable with the treatment plan.

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